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Easywood 12 Wood Blocks

Easywood's modular system consists of six different sized Pine blocks, with predrilled holes from both sides in them. The bottom and top blocks have holes on one side. The pegs are made from wood.


Easywood blocks production and processing

FSC certified
Pine wood

Treated in our Factory

Impregnated under pressure

Up to 20 years


      Being keen gardeners with eyes always searching for something new yet classic and easy in handling, installing, we came up with an idea to produce Easywood wooden elements, which is a highly versatile product with limitless opportunities – be it pond, flower beds, vegetable or herb gardens of various height, width and length. Our main priorities creating Easywood were ecological aspects on every production stage, ease of handling that also includes ability to move the arrangement within your own garden or taking your beloved petunias to your new home with you. Easywood oozes with logic, ease and warmth – you are unlimited by size – big or small, layout – square or stretched, height – low or towering, it can even be a wall to hide for reading or from peaking eyes.

         Although the idea and product itself is as old as idea of gardening itself, we have taken a step forward in developing Easywood into something that excludes heavy lifting, difficult measuring and assembling and replaced it with our own easy and light technology to introduce raised beds to your garden with specific fittings and easy-to-follow instructions that make Easywood standout from products alike.

         Easywood uses only FSC certificated wood and best treatment available – ecology and longevity wise in a luscious brown colour that fits into every style of garden and colour scheme, this type of treatment has been approved by The Soil Association. We have implemented the use of unique, ecological, Eastern culture sustaining assembly wooden elements for those that are concerned about such properties of products even in their garden. Within our time of work, we have established great supply chain with partnering companies in Europe and Scandinavia. The precisely calculated sizes of wooden elements provide strength, durability, stability and timeless appeal that will stand the test of time in any sense of these words.

     Tanalith® E Wood Preservative is a water based Copper Azole formulation. An industrial use wood preservative for the protection of timber products including those to be used for sensitive end uses such as decks, handrails, outdoor furniture, playground equipment as well as for council and national park projects. It is a stable water soluble wood preservative providing a lower corrosion impact on treatment plants and equipment as well as the fixings and fasteners used with treated wood products. A proven for above and inground applications up to Hazard level H5 providing enhanced durability and longevity of service.



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